National lab: Wind power has become historically low-cost

Talk about good timing: Building on our first-ever American Wind Week, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) released its annual Wind Technologies Market Report today. LBNL’s findings confirm that U.S. wind energy costs continue to fall, technology continues to advance and performance continues to improve. This has helped the wind industry sell energy at […]

Teenage Whiz Kid Invents an AI System to Diagnose Her Grandfather’s Eye Disease

When 16-year-old Kavya Kopparapu wasn’t attending conferences, givingspeeches, presiding over her school’s bioinformatics society, organizing a research symposium, playing piano, and running a non-profit, she worried about what to do with all her free time. It was June 2016, the summer after her junior year in high school, and Kopparapu was looking for a new project that would use her […]